Who will benefit from Signals of Change?

All decision makers in your company. In Alpha Leadership, Dilts, Deering and Russell identify three elements of leadership: collecting data, analysing options and taking actions. It is the first of these that many companies are deficient in. Action comes easily to many managers, analysing alternatives is central to what managers do – but anticipating the future? In times when change is the only certainty, it is hard to predict what is going to happen next, and therefore hard to plan.

Signals of Change uniquely addresses this: it puts you in a position to know what your competitors are going to do before they know themselves; it puts you in a position to plan your strategy and win. By picking up hidden/emerging/small signals it enables you to anticipate what is going to happen and plan accordingly.

Key Features of the Signals of Change Workshops

The Programme develops a highly motivated cross-functional network of individuals who can

Other benefits