Signals of Change Workshops

The Signals of Change (SoC) programme develops foresight – your company's ability to identify future changes in your business environment before they become evident. It establishes a cross-functional in-house network that creates a signals of change database used to gain insights and develop a shared foresight :

How the Signals of Change programme works

The Programme

The workshop programme consists of a series of half-day workshops, held every 6-8 weeks for a period of 12 -18 months . After a number of workshops, the skills will have been transferred to the internal SoC network who will continue to apply the process.

The Process

In a series of workshops your SoC network will bring together ideas from different sources.

The facilitator guides the process and helps participants to achieve the kind of unfocused attention which is essential to making good links between seemingly unrelated information and identifying underlying trends.

Emerging patterns that indicate imminent change are monitored for confirmation.

Unrelated items
Unrelated Items

Signals identified
Patterns identified

Hidden signals identified

Implications for organization

Signals monitored and confirmed
Return to top Risk management, strategy and product development processes are informed by the process